Vasco Fall Checklist

Fall is here and it is the perfect opportunity to take care of your home and get it ready for the cooler weather.

  1. Check your roof and repair or replace if needed

Fall brings the perfect weather to inspect your roof. Taking the time to inspect your shingles to make sure they are not breaking, missing, or curling will save you money as you come into the winter seasons. Another great inspection to make is the chimney or large areas of moss or lichen that show the roof is decaying underneath. Inspecting your roof in the fall, while the weather is still on the warmer side, gives you time to repair or replace parts of your roof that may need attention before winter rolls around.

2. Check your windows

Fall is a great time to check your windows. Making sure that your windows are sealed properly and equipped to keep the cool air out for the winter will help to make sure that you are not spending more money on heating than you need to be. Checking your windows now also ensures that they are not damaged or needing to be replaced.

3. Fresh coat of paint

Fall is the perfect time to repaint your home on the inside or out. With the weather at a comfortable temperature you are able to freshen up your home with some color without having to endure weather that is too hot or too cold. Give your home that makeover that you have been wanting.

4. Power wash the house

Power wash the house and get it ready for the winter. After the summer and fall your home might need a good clean on the outside. This helps to ensure that your home will be spotless and ready for the colder months. Cleaning off your home also helps you see any problems that might need to be addressed before the winter comes.

5. Inspect insulation

Fall is the best time to inspect your insulation. Ensure that your attic is not letting in the outside air or vice versa. Ensure that your house is insulated to save you on the cost of heat this winter.  There is plenty of time to get your insulation sorted out before the cooler months begin to come.

6. Get your deck ready for colder months

As fall comes to an end so will the long amounts of time spent outside on your deck. Take some time this fall to inspect your deck for any needed repairs before the cooler months come. Colder weather can be damaging to decks that are not prepared for the weather causing even more costly repairs. Take the time now to ensure that your deck is in good shape. Adding Duradek waterproofing is a great way to ensure your deck will be undamaged and fine throughout the winter.

Fall is a great time to get the essentials sorted out before the winter comes and ensure that you will not be paying even more for these repairs or replacements in the future. Vasco Property Services can help you with all your home needs!

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